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gutter-apron-and-flashing-installation-indyWhat is a gutter apron?

A gutter apron is a long piece of metal fold that starts under the first course of shingles and hangs over the sheathing of the roof. Gutter aprons take on an additional role by hanging down an inch or so into the back of the gutter to prevent water from dripping or splashing behind the gutter.

What is a gutter apron used for?

A gutter apron is perfect for directing water into your gutters. It installs on the roof edge at the eaves and hangs into the gutter. Used to direct water into the gutter system.

What is a drip edge used for?

A drip edge is a metal flashing that is installed at the edges of the roof to help control the flow of water away from the fascia and to protect the underlying roofing components. Drip edge overhangs the sides of the roof and has a small metal flange that is bent away from the fascia of the roof.

A drip edge is important to the health of a roof for a few reasons. Not only does it provide a clean and finished look to your roof system, but it also helps protect your property in the following ways:

    • Protects vulnerable areas against insects and other pests from entering the space between the deck and fascia board
    • Protects from wind driven rain
    • Improves the efficiency of water-shedding, protecting the underlying wood
    • Guards against the movement between deck and fascia boards
    • Supports roofing product and prolongs its life and effectiveness

What is a gutter flashing?

Gutter flashing is a versatile waterproofing tool that can be used to keep water away from one area and divert it to another. Flashing can be bought by the foot and is recommended as a way to increase the efficiency of your gutters.

Is gutter flashing necessary?

Gutter flashing installation should be seen as a necessary step in the gutter replacement process. The purpose of gutter flashing is to seal the gap from the roofing shingles to the gutter. This process prevents rainwater from getting behind the gutter, causing rot and decay, which will ultimately lead to a roof replacement.

In every luxury home roofing, residential roofing or commercial roofing project gutter flashing should be considered as an integral aspect inĀ  roofing.