Winter is just around the corner. It is the time of the year when you should be pulling up your socks for some regular maintenance for your commercial roof.

Commercial establishments are places which run around the clock. It is hence obvious that the roof of such establishments takes heavy toll owing to the nature of the business conducted in the premises. Add to it the thermal stress that the roof bears throughout the year. Extremely hot summers, rains and now winters. The elements of nature are really harsh on roofs. Therefore, taking care of your commercial roof is essential. It saves money and time in the long run.

Although preparing a commercial roof for winters would always require professional intervention, but, there are certain checks that you can do yourself too.

Things required for checking your commercial roof.

A simple commercial roof inspection can be done by anyone. All that one would require is a flashlight, notebook and a camera.


One might wonder why the heck one would require a flashlight to inspect a roof in broad daylight? Well, the answer to that question lies in the fact that big damages are visible promptly and can be repaired easily. However, it is the small flaws in the roof that might cause major issues in future. You have to inspect under the roof also and for that, you would need an additional source of light/illumination. This will allow you to inspect bolts and screws that might have been rust-infested or minor fissures that might have erupted in the roof.


A roof is as large as your entire setup. In fact, it is the largest piece of infrastructure that you might be checking for damages on your property. It is pretty hard to memorize every point that you make for maintaining your roof. Hence, keeping a notebook handy will ensure that you don’t miss on any points that need taking care of. Also, you would definitely need a notebook to create a checklist of things that you would be looking for while inspecting the roof.


Since you are not a professional roofer, it is obvious that there would be things that you see while inspecting your roof which you don’t quite understand. That’s why carrying a camera is a good move. Just snap pictures of the objects that you think would require a professional roofer’s attention.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, one could also go for infrared inspection of the roof. Although a bit expensive, it’s a sure shot way to know the health status of your commercial roof.

Things that could possibly be wrong with the roof

Cracked caulking is a common flaw that you might encounter while inspecting your roof. Damaged caulking should be removed and replaced asap. There are weather specific caulkings available in the market and you can choose one which suits your needs.

Another thing which you can encounter while preparing your commercial roof for winters is separated roof segments. Clogged and damaged drain pipes is also an avenue which should be taken care of.

In our frank opinion, we would suggest our readers to hire services of professional roofer like us. It will keep you in light with the condition of your roof and the maintenance or the repair would also be pretty professional and reliable.