Does my roof need an ice and water shield?

Your home stands up to a lot of unpredictable weather. In particular, your roof is the first line of defense from moisture, storms, and more, and it’s vitally important that each piece of your roof is designed and constructed to protect your home from damage.

One of the most important – and frequently overlooked – aspects of the roof is the ice and water shield.

What is an ice and water shield?

An ice and water shield is a moisture barrier placed under your roof’s shingles as an additional protection from the elements. It’s essentially an adhesive membrane made of rubberized asphalt, and is a vital part of your roof installation.

Where does the ice and water shield go?

The ice and water shield is placed along the edges of your roof, as well as in the valleys and anywhere else the roof is interrupted, such as next to a chimney or a dormer. Its purpose is to protect areas of the roof decking that may be vulnerable to ice or water buildup.

At iRestore, our roofing professionals are experts at protecting your home. We know just where to install the ice and water shield to prevent any leaks or water damage coming from your roof.

What does an ice and water shield look like?

The ice and water shield is typically about 3 feet wide, made up of a dark, rubber-like material that is flexible to allow the membrane to form around any irregularities in the roof.

Why does my roof need an ice and water shield?

Especially in a climate like ours in Indiana, an ice and water shield is a necessary part of a well-constructed roof and should be included in your project. We routinely install an ice and water shield as an important part of the roof, and this should be one a “must-have” on your list. If you’re talking with a contractor who doesn’t have an ice and water shield on the installation list, this should be considered a red flag.

Living here in the Midwest, we experience large fluctuations in temperature in the winter. These fluctuations can cause ice to form on the roof and back up under the shingles. In the spring and summer, forceful rainstorms with high winds can drive water into areas where it can be potentially damaging. The ice and water shield is the primary means of defense against these weather elements.

What does an ice and water shield do?

An ice and water shield protects your home from any moisture that may seep under the shingles on the roof. It’s an extra layer of protection from moisture, and without it, your home could incur expensive damage. If water leaks through your roof, it may compromise other parts of your home.

In the winter, when ice melts and refreezes, moisture can push its way under your shingles. Ice damming occurs when some ice remains and doesn’t allow melted water to run past it and off the roof. This causes it to sit and potentially seep under the shingles or through nail holes. In the summer, storms can dislodge or damage shingles, leaving vulnerabilities in your roof where water can leak under the shingles.

The ice and water shield is a second layer of protection against the moisture. Since it adheres directly to your roof, it cannot be dislodged by wind or other elements. Any water that seeps past the shingles and onto the ice and water shield is redirected back down the roof and to your gutters, where it belongs.

How much ice and water shield do I need?

The amount of ice and water shield needed will vary based on the size and layout of your roof. It is unlikely you will need to cover your entire roof with ice and water shield, since protecting the vulnerable points—such as valleys, corners, and chimneys—is the priority. It can be done, but in some cases this can cause a lack of breathability, resulting in condensation underneath the roof, which is another form of water damage.

We recommend talking to our roofing experts to determine the correct amount of ice and water shield needed to protect your home.

How much is an ice and water shield?

At iRestore, we use premium products to protect your home. We believe there is significant value to the ice and water shield we choose. The total cost will depend on the size and layout of your roof. The peace of mind you gain with quality products and workmanship—not to mention the avoidance of costly repairs when you ensure your roof is done right the first time—is well worth the expense.

If you’d like to learn more about how best to protect your roof and your home from the elements, we can help!

With more than 25 years of roofing experience, we have the expertise needed to install and repair roofs with reliable quality and craftsmanship. We ensure every detail of your roof is up to our standards of excellence, and an important part is installing an ice and water shield. Whether you’re using iRestore for your upcoming roof replacement or simply researching the best ways to reinforce your roof, we’re ready to help.

Together, we will protect the investment you’ve made in your home.