A roof replacement is an experience that nobody actually wants to have… but at the same time, that doesn’t make it any less necessary. A simple leak, however, does not necessarily mean that you’re in store for a much larger (and more expensive) process down the road.

Is A Roof Replacement Actually Necessary?

Think About Age

One of the major warning signs that you’re a prime candidate for a roof replacement actually has nothing to do with any problems that you may be experiencing at all. Generally speaking, a lot of experts agree that a standard roof is designed to last between 20 and 25 years if properly maintained. If you’re not the original owner of your home, try to figure out exactly when it was built and when, if ever, the roof was last replaced. At that point, it’s just a math game – if the age is right and no prior action has been taken, this is definitely something you’re going to want to start thinking about.

time-roof-replacement-indianapolis-indianaCount Your Shingles

This is one of those signs that is subtle, yes – but it’s also indicative of a pretty bad situation that may be waiting just over the horizon. If you take a look at your roof and notice that one or more shingles are missing, this could be a sign that the shingle “tabs” have begun to develop issues. If that is happening, the chances are high that other problems are about to happen as well, which means that a roof replacement may be in your future.

Mind the Gutters

Part of the job of your roof is to make sure that rainwater gets into your gutters (where it belongs), thus preventing everything from water damage to moisture buildup in and around the area. Whenever you clean your gutters (which you should always be doing, preferably at least twice per calendar year), take a look for pieces of your shingles, granules of asphalt and other things that just shouldn’t be there. If any of these materials are present, it could be a sign that your roof is failing or is about to – and action is very much recommended at that point.

Be Mindful of Those Roof Valleys

Finally, you’ll want to be on the lookout for areas of your roof that are particularly problematic – especially if they concern your roof valleys. These are the spots that direct the flow of rain water into your gutters, so it’s safe to say that they are critically important. If there is one roof valley spot in particular where shingles are either falling apart or totally missing, even if the rest of your roof looks perfectly fine, this is one of the most definitive signs that a new roof is something you’ll want to at least consider.

Provided that you’re on the lookout for all of these signs, you won’t have to guess as to when to schedule your next roof replacement. You’ll know, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Don’t forget to go through this list of some tips to help you protect your roofing.

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