The roof is the most important structure of your building. Look at it from any perspective. Your roof will always have a place which will outshine other infra assets of the building.

A roof protects us from the elements of nature and provides the much-needed comfort and privacy. However, the roof can really take a beating from the mighty mother nature. That’s why we have roof maintenance and repair services, right? Yes, but there are additional measures that one can take. Actions that would act more as a preventive maintenance task than anything else.

Well, we know that every year has different seasons and climate patterns. During the year, your roof is subject to extreme weather occurrences like hail, heavy rains, storms, extreme heat, and snow. All these have a cumulative damaging effect on your roof. However, it’s not easy to observe these damages with ease. Since you cannot easily see the damage in one go or general observation, the chances are that over the time these small elements of damage to your roof will take a big shape, and, hence, would attract more expenses for repairs.

Here are the things that you can do to prevent roof damage from the elements.

Whether you have an asphalt shingle or modified bitumen roof, most of the weather-related damage is generally in the form of hairline cracks, loose shingles or small punctures that are not easy to detect with the naked eye. You have to look for them in detail and with due attention. These inspections should be done regularly and on priority. Water seepage into these cracks would make things worse and lead to more significant damage.

When inspecting the roof for preventive measures, make sure that you inspect daylight. Also, please carry a notebook, a camera and a flashlight with you.  Start from one end of the roof, or you can divide your roof into four quadrants. Use the flashlight to check for damages under the roof. Usually, that’s one area which is often ignored but trust our professional experience on this one – that’s one area which should never be ignored. Take note and pictures of the damages that you observe. This will help the professionals in understanding your situation in a better way.

If you observe significant damage to your roof, it is time to let the professionals handle the matter. Most of the properties now have roof insurance. In case you have one too, have a conversation with your insurance company. The next step would be to call for a professional roof inspector. Share your findings with the roof inspector so that his work becomes a bit easier. Your roof inspector will conduct thorough scrutiny of the property and will then create a detailed report on the damages. This report should be taken seriously as the same would be required while filing an insurance claim.

Now is the time to call a professional roof repair contractor and share the findings of the roof inspection with them. In most cases, it’s a single company which can take care of your roof inspection and repair needs. Let the professionals have a look at the damages. They would be the right people to give you a fair idea about the timelines and the cost implications that need to be taken care of.

We hope our blog post added some value to you. In case you need more information, please feel free to write to us.