There’s been a severe storm in Indianapolis. In the course of the storm there was some major damage. This time the storm caused severe damage to your roof. After you have a company like iRESTORE Roofing and Restoration come out and take a look at your roof, you found that there has been some damage to your roof deck. That damage may require a roof replacement. But first, let’s discuss roof decks.

What is a roof deck?

Great question. Essentially the roof deck is where all of the material between the major components of the roof. The roof deck is the material between the trusses and joists, roof materials, coatings, insulation and other weatherproofing layers. The roof deck needs to be made of material strong enough to hold the entire weight of all of those materials, with just enough give to withstand the elements and wear and tear that a roof experiences in the life of the roof. The roof deck is the foundation of the roof.

What are the types of roof decking?

Commercial roof decking

In commercial construction, steel and cement are the more frequently settled upon materials for commercial roof decking. In the commercial roofing space, there are requirements that need to span more distance and carry more weight in machines.

Residential roof decking

For residential buildings, the most common type of roof deck is plywood or tongue and groove, which is a traditional joint way for floor installations. Residential roof decks are primarily created from plywood, which can carry the weight of almost any type of roofing material.

How long does roof decking last?

As mentioned previously, roof decks are comprised of a number of different materials. Because of this fact, roof decking has been known to last a minimum of 30 years, for decks built from plywood. But since plywood, which is what most residential roof decks are comprised of, if kept dry, plywood is rumored to last “forever”. Though truthfully, wood has no “expiration date” per se, it is a natural material and it’s length of use should be seen appropriately.

Because commercial roof decking is comprised of stainless steel and concrete, commercial and industrial decking is also rumored to have the length of a lifetime.

What are the types of material is roof decking made from?

The type of roof deck material is contingent upon the amount of weight the roof has to carry.  Some roof deck structures feature roof top swimming pools, walking and exercise decks, and in some cases, GARDENS! All of those features require the ability of roof decking to carry extra weight. With all of that in consideration roof deck material is comprised of stainless steel, aluminum, plywood ( in the residential space), and concrete.