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Your roof protects your home from the outside elements, so it’s important to make sure that it stays well-maintained. iRestore Roofing & Restoration is your local expert for roof repair and roof replacement in Indianapolis. No matter how large or small the roof damage, we have the solution.

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When your roof is showing signs of damage, no matter how large or small, it’s important to call in a professional roofer to assess the extent of the roofing problem and determine the best solution. The sooner you take care of any roof repairs, the better, as roof damage will only spread and get worse if left unfixed.

Roof leaks causing water damage on interior ceilings and walls


General wear and tear on your roof


Storm and wind damage, or the impact of a fallen object


A roof deck that is sagging


Curling, cracked, or missing shingles


Stains or mold growth on shingle


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The biggest dilemma that a homeowner faces when it comes to roofing issues is that whether to replace or repair the roof. As experts, we can definitively tell you this that whether to replace or reroof is subjective to the condition of your roof.

While deciding on whether to reroof or replace, it’s always wise to take advise of a professional roofing contractor before jumping into any conclusions. The reason we state this here is that there is a significant difference in costs involved when we compare both the options. A roof repair can cost you on an average 500 USD, whereas a roof replacement can go upwards 6000 USD. The monetary figures cited here are the national average cost and in no way imply that any roofing job can be done within this range. The actual costing that the reroof or repair job will attract will depend on the site audit and the extent of work that would be executed.

There are many factors that are at play when it comes to deciding on whether to reroof or repair. Quite frankly it would all depend on the condition of the roof in question. If the roof is older than 25 years and is damaged then a complete roof replacement is recommended. However, if the roof is in its serviceable age and has minor damage then a repair job can be considered as a viable option. The extent of damage to the roof needs to be determined by a professional roofing company like us. Correct evaluation of the damage is the only thing that will determine the amount of time and money that needs to be put into getting the job done with perfection. Apart from the onsite evaluation of the conditions, there are certain legal codes that have to be taken care of when it comes to roofing. In a nutshell, a professional roofing company will always be the right entity to evaluate and deliver on your roofing requirement.

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“iRestore fit in my emergency repair of ceiling leak within three working days. They quickly identified and repaired the likely source of the leak due to another company’s error in siding installation. Particularly pleased that iRestore warranties their work. Highly recommend.”

-Mary W, Indianapolis, Indiana

“They are very thoughtful and helpful.”
-Misty B, Indianapolis, Indiana
“I rarely comment on service I’ve had done but I feel iRestore has earned a shout out! I’d like to commend them for superb customer service, timeliness and a job well done. In this day and age, good customer service is a thing of the past but my experience with iRestore was a refreshing change. Mike Russell was very professional and stayed on top of the entire project from start to finish! I highly recommend this company.”
-Cheryl P, Indianapolis, Indiana
“Professional, flexible, courteous.”
-Tamika B, Indianapolis, Indiana
“This was my first experience with committing to a contractor. I could not be happier. Clayton responded promptly to our initial contact. The original estimate and contingencies for possible cost overruns were clearly laid out. Roofing and gutter crews performed miracles with a home that was looking old before its time.”
-Steve M, Indianapolis, Indiana
“iRestore was amazing to work with. They were flexible for scheduling and Seth called to make sure we were happy with all work and didn’t expect any payment until he was sure we were satisfied.”
-Tiffany P, Indianapolis, Indiana
“Clayton and Mike have mastered the customer first business model.”
-Bryce B, Indianapolis, Indiana
Absolutely great customer service. Clayton was very professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable. He went out of his way to help me! I highly recommend giving iRestore a call.
-Aaron A, Indianapolis, Indiana

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