As per the definition, a gutter is a shallow trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater. Constructing a gutter is important and we will learn soon exactly why? If you live in an area which witnesses heavy rains then it becomes even more important to have a gutter installed.

Rainwater seems harmless and actually is pretty essential for the well being of all the life on earth. However, the same rainwater can at times be disastrous. If your roof does not have the facility for rainwater to exit, then your entire building can be in a jeopardy. Standing rainwater can cause grave damage to the building and can even be hazardous to the building and to the health of the people residing in it. Constructing a proper rainwater gutter ensures that gallons of rainwater that your roof is exposed to is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

Well coming back to the point, let’s now see why are gutters so important?

1. Rain Gutters protect the foundation of your house/building.

Have a basement in your house, see it leaking during the rainy season. The most probable reason is depositing of rainwater near the foundation. At least people with a basement get a forewarning, in this case, those who don’t have a basement only come to know of foundation damage when it becomes too late. Water near the foundation can become breeding ground for molds and other dangerous pathogens. A well-constructed rain gutter ensures that the rainwater is getting safely diverted away from the foundation hence providing your home with protection.

2. Rain gutters prevent soil erosion.

If your home or building is without a gutter, then the rainwater will fall directly to the ground and will cause massive soil erosion. In the long run, it becomes an environmental concern. For the homeowner, it might result in weaker foundations ultimately leading to uneven floors. Therefore installing rain gutters is something which you should not ignore.

3. Rain gutter help prevent damage to sidings.

It might seem something insignificant, but rainwater without gutters can run into your window sidings and can damage the wood and metal there. We all know how expensive it is to repair or replace the same. Hence rain gutters also help as a preventive maintenance agent.

4. Rain gutters help in protecting garden beds

Many homeowners love having garden beds in proximity to their houses. Without rain gutters, these tender plants get pounded with force of falling water hence damaging and even at times killing them. To avoid such hassles, having a rain gutter installed is important.

As an endnote, we would say that the having rain gutters installed in your home is very important and its utility cannot be overemphasized. Be sure that you get it installed by professionals. The quality of the installation will be a deciding factor in the overall value that they will serve. Contact us to know more.